We can bring the clarity and gentleness of mindfulness and awareness into our everyday lives, realizing the awake potential of all states of mind. Developing loving-kindness towards ourselves in this way is the ground of compassion.

Meditation Instruction has been transmitted orally from teacher to student in an ongoing lineage that goes back 2,500 years. Senior members of the Shambhala organization have been especially trained and authorized to be meditation instructors. They instruct students in the practice of meditation and work with them in the development of their practice, while also helping them to join the view and experience of meditation with every day life. Meditation instruction is available free of charge.
Contact Kirk Lowis for more information on receiving meditation instruction: 269 552-9899 or email

A good book on the path of mindfulness and awareness by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche is the recent book "Mindfulness in Action". It is available through Great Path, our local dharma store, or through Shambhala Publications.
For cushions (gomdens), sitting pads (zabutons), benches, support cushions and other accoutrements to sitting practice, try

Click here for a .pdf of Chogyam Trungpa's View of Meditation
Click here for a .pdf of Chogyam Trungpa's Meditation Instruction
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Click here for a .pdf of a talk by Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin called Meditation: The Practice of Being

Trungpa RinpocheAudio talks by Chögyam Trungpa: "Techniques of Mindfulness"